Skilled Nursing

AccuPak PassPort™

AccuPak PassPort™ is a fully automated, remotely monitored medication dispensing center located in your facility. This platform is designed to provide skilled and sub-acute facility managers a reliable, secure, fully supported medication management and disbursement capability.

Incorporating innovative engineering and advanced software, AccuPak PassPort™ enables nursing staff to spend less time on administration and compliance issues, and more time on the most important job: giving personal attention to the residents under their care.

  • Medications are dispensed in unit dose, by resident, by med pass, reducing the cost of returning unused meds.
  • AccuPak PassPort™ holds bulk quantities of more than 170 frequently prescribed oral meds in a secure environment.
  • AccuPak PassPort’s inventory increases the percentage of meds dispensed on site rather than delivered hours later by a pharmacy.
  • The PharmaScript pharmacy team constantly monitors AccuPak PassPort’s bulk inventory, and automatically refills as necessary.
  • Special medications and non-oral solids not dispensed on site are delivered from PharmaScript
  • All prescriptions and dispensing are administered by PharmaScript registered pharmacists.