Assisted Living

As a trusted senior care pharmacy provider, PharmaScript works with Assisted Living communities to provide clinical solutions designed to enhance care giving and support staff in virtually every aspect of their work. We understand the unique needs of your community and we will be your partner in building the right solution for you. We offer:

  • Seamless transition to our services with Transition Team on hand to problem solve any issues that may arise and ensure that the whole process happens smoothly
  • Customizable compliance packaging organized by med-pass time
  • Electronic solutions & applications to streamnline workflow and simplify many aspects of your business
  • ScriptView™ is provided to PharmaScript customers as part of our standard offering. This web based portal enables fast, easy prescription requests and refills, conflict resolution, bill access, utilization analysis, consultant reports, and a variety of resources and full records of all medications delivered to a facility.
  • Inservice education provided by licensed nurses and pharmacists to help your nurses and assistants develop insight and practical knowledge that promotes well-being within facilities. Our programs are customizable to meet your needs and range from disease state management and risk prevention to formulary management.
  • Support for Medicare Part D and have experience navigating the complicated reimbursement process.
  • In house billing means your residents and their families don’t have to worry about dealing with a third party source to get payments made.